Bad or bizarre Stock photos and pictures – January 2019

Can you send me more links of bad or bizzare to e-mail:

1. Humorous photo of a man in his underwear, using his cellphone to send a picture of his penis. – Link to photo

2. Young sad and depressed bulimic woman feeling sick guilty sitting at the floor of the toilet leaning on WC eating pizza in nutrition disorder bulimia concept. – Link to photo

3. Skeleton and red squirrel with a guillotine. – Link to photo

4. The man with a head like a chicken egg. – Link to photo

5. Two teenagers drinking beer and driving a car laughing and not paying attention to the boy and girl that are crossing the street in front of them. They are about to hit the two kids. – Link to photo

6. Digital illustration of Embryonic development in colour background. – Link to photo

7. Grinning bearded fat man wears silly bunny ears. – Link to photo

8. Funny closeup of smiling male Caucasian medical doctor listening with stethoscope for heartbeat of baked Thanksgiving turkey. – Link to photo

9. Tiny man takes a bath in a bucket of soapy water with a rubber ducky. – Link to photo

10. Hungry man with sausages. – Link to photo