Frequently Asked Questions about Pixcoll

Frequently Asked Questions about Pixcoll microstock collection

Do you have any questions about how Pixcoll microstock collection works? Feel free to ask us.

Q: What percentage does Pixcoll take from earnings?

A: Pixcoll does not sell any photos. We do not charge anything from your earnings. Our service is for free.

Q: I’ve just joined Pixcoll. How does it work? Do I have to upload images, that have already been uploaded to various microstock agencies that I cooperate with?

A: In Pixcoll, you can upload your microstock iamges thumbnails and use direct links to microstock agencies in one place for free. Buyers will therefore be able to see the photos and buy them in microstock agencies.

To upload files to Pixcoll, you must be a contributor and have uploaded and verified files on at least one of Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, 123rf or Pond5.

Q: What are the links to microstock agencies for?
A: Direct links to microstock agencies connect the thumbnail in Pixcoll with the image itself in the microstock agency.

Pixcoll tries to create the largest place to offer microstock photos by unifying contents of microstock agencies in one place. This saves buyers’ time considerably instead of lengthy and annoying searching in individual microstock agencies.

See an example here:

Q: Can Pixcoll submit vector works?
A: Yes, you can also upload a vector work to Pixcoll, but only as a thumbnail in JPG or PNG format.

Q: I’m afraid to send large photos to Pixcoll. Can they be misused or stolen?
A: Uploaded source files will not leave your device. A thumbnail is created in your web browser and it is then sent to our servers to be watermarked and saved.