How can Pixcoll Affiliate marketing increase your profit in stock agencies?

How can Pixcoll affiliate program increase your profit in microstock agencies?

How does Pixcoll microstock affiliate program work? enables contributors to raise their commissions by adding referral URLs to images in Pixcoll microstock affiliate program that are linked to their microstock agency.

Contributors can get commission by recommending new customer or contributor to a microstock agency using unique parameter (Referral URL) in the link. Contributors can also get commission for buying or selling images according to specific affiliate program in microstock agency.

How does Pixcoll Affiliate marketing work?

STEP #1. Join Pixcoll

Tutorial – How to sign up for Pixcoll microstock program

STEP #2. Create links to microstock agency in Pixcoll

Boost your chances and create links to all your images in microstock photo agency with

Tutorial How to upload files to Pixcoll microstock program

STEP #3. Add your referral URL

Insert your generated referral URL from your microstock photo agency into Pixcoll microstock affiliation tools.

Create links to Stock agency in Pixcoll

STEP #4. Promote your images in Pixcoll

Promote your images in Pixcoll publicly. You can promote either your images or even your Pixcoll user profile.

STEP #5. Refer new Buyers to your microstock agency

Buyers are redirected directly to your images in microstock agency through your referral URL.

Refer new Buyers to your Stock agency

STEP #6. Earn more referral money from microstock agency

– Get more money for commissions from your microstock agency by selling your images.

Earn more referral money from Stock agency

Who can use Pixcoll microstock affiliate program?

Pixcoll microstock affiliate program is designed for all registrated contributors that have their Pixcoll images linked with target microstock agency.

What microstock agencies are supported in Pixcoll?

Pixcoll supports referral URLs in the following microstock agencies: Dreamstime, Depositphotos, Shutterstock, Pond5 and Adobe Stock.

How to set up your referral URL from your microstock agency in Pixcoll?

Setting up referral URL to individual microstock agencies is fast and easy. You can generate your referral URL in user interface in Pixcoll. It is then automatically inserted in all your links referring to your images in microstock agency.

How to get your referral URL in microstock agency and set it up in Pixcoll?

1st stepSign in to and choose “User Settings”.

2st step – Sign in to your microstock agency and go to referral URL settings page.

Dreamstime – microstock agency

Dreamstime - Stock agency

Depositphotos – microstock agency

Depositphotos - Stock agency

Adobe Stock – microstock agency

1st step – Sign in to

2st step – Fill Websites “”

3st step

Tracking link – Copy your tracking link e.g

Shutterstock – microstock agency

Shutterstock - Stock agency

Pond5 – microstock Agency

Pond5 - Stock Agency

3rd step Fill in full URL address in “Referral URL”.

Dreamstime referral URL – e.g.

Depositphotos referral URL – e.g.

Adobe Stock referral URL – e.g.

pond5 referral URL – e.g.

Shutterstock referral URL – e.g.

Referral URL address in Pixcoll settings

4th step Save your settings – Click the green button “Save Stock Settings”.

Boost your chances of earning more money by extending your image portfolio and creating referral URL in Pixcoll.

Larger image portfolio in connected with your microstock agency means a better chance of your referral URL to be used by customers and thus your images to be bought.

The more links are created and referral URLs promoted from Pixcoll, the better the chance to get commission from microstock agency recommendations.

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