Pixcoll - How to sign up for Pixcoll

How to sign up for Pixcoll Stock photo marketplace

The following quick and easy tutorial describes how to sign up for Pixcoll Stock photo marketplace step by step.

Link to registration form can be found in the top menu – Sing up for FREE.

STEP #1 Completing the registration form

Registration to Pixcoll is run by Auth0(www.auth0.com) app.

1st option: You may sign up via your Facebook or Google account.

2nd option: Registration through creating your account by providing your e-mail address and creating a username and password.

A verification e-mail will be sent to you from Auth0 right after completing your registration.

Your account will be created and verified by pressing the orange button “VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT“.

A confirmation will be shown after successfully verifying your e-mail address.

verify your account in Auth0
registracion auth0 verigication

STEP #2 First steps in Pixcoll

Creating and setting your Pixcoll identity is an important step.


STEP #3 Creating your identity and username

All submitted information should be provided in English. Fields marked with * are mandatory.

1st step: Fill in your First name and Surname

Info will not be public. You can change your privacy settings in “My profile” – https://www.pixcoll.com/user/profile

2nd step: Fill in your username

Username box will show your registered username.

Username can only be changed once in this step.

Later username change is not allowed!

Username can only contain numbers, small Latin letters and dot. Username cannot start or end with dot.

STEP #4 Do not miss very important information

Recommended: Subscribe for news and offers from Pixcoll.

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Do not miss very important information and news that could help you use Pixcoll faster and more efficiently.

STEP #5 More settings

You will find more settings in the menu in My profile and My Settings.

Tutorial: More information on our blog

User profile – How to set up My Profile

User profile – How to manage My settings

STEP #6 Completing registration

Click the green button “Complete” to confirm and send your registration data.

Congratulations on your registration

STEP #7 Start uploading your files

Click the “Upload” button in the top right corner.

Tutorial: More information on our blog Pixcoll – How to upload files to Pixcoll

Need more help?

Let us know, our support at support@pixcoll.com will be happy to help you.