Pixcoll - How to upload files to Pixcoll

How to upload files to Pixcoll Stock photo marketplace

The following tutorial describes how to upload files to Pixcoll and connect them with stock agency easily and quickly.

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Your source files won’t leave your device. The web browser creates a thumbnail for public Pixcoll and our servers watermark it.

User has to be logged in order to upload files to Pixcoll. The link can be found in the top menu – Upload files.

Pixcoll upload files -menu
Pixcoll upload files -menu

STEP #1 Uploading files

Drag files from your computer or click the grey area to select files. Upload jpeg or png files only.

Upload only the original files with EXIF/IPTC data and with no watermark.

Upload add file
Upload add file

STEP #2 List of uploaded files

After uploading files, the item list is shown. Click the grey area in order to edit file upload form.

STEP #3 File upload form editing

Tips and tricks: All EXIF / IPTC data (title, description, keywords) is filled automatically if it is already in the file.

Fill in Title, Description and keywords. Each keyword is to be confirmed with <Enter> key. You can also use phrases such as blue sky.

upload keywords to form
upload keywords to form

STEP #4 Connecting file with stock agency

A file has to be connected with at least one stock agency. If the file is saved as exclusive in the stock agency, set the exclusivity in the form as well.

1st option: Insert stock agency file URL in the form.

For example: https://www.dreamstime.com/tre-cime-dolomiti-view-tre-cime-dolomiti-view-chill-out-image125546546

2nd option: Click “Search URL” button.

For this option, your stock agency username is needed.

My Settings can be found in the top right menu as the second item.

Tutorial: More information on our blog – User profile – How to manage My Settings

Search your file in the stock agency using keywords and click on the thumbnail. File URL will be automatically filled in the form.

STEP #5 Sending files for approval

Tick the blue checkbox of the filled forms and then click the green button “Upload selected files”. Only selected files will be sent for approval.

STEP #6 Administrator file approval

Approval process takes just a few hours to be completed.

Review status can be found in “My Files”.

  • Pending file: pending
  • Approved file: approved
  • Rejected file: rejected

Reason for rejection can be viewed in the file note.

Reasons for rejecting files:

  • Link is invalid.
  • Content is inappropriate or violates Terms and Conditions.
  • Image description does not match the image or violates Terms and Conditions.
  • Image keywords do not match the image or violate Terms and Conditions.