Let’s create a larger stock photo marketplace than Shutterstock is

Let’s create a larger microstock images collection than Shutterstock is

Connecting contributors and their portfolios from various microstock agencies with Pixcoll microstock collection will result in creating large and well-arranged offer for buyers. Buyers will be provided with wide selection of microstock photos and a quick way to purchase the content.

Contributors are given the opportunity to add links to their microstock images to Pixcoll microstock collection.

Pixcollmicrostock images collection creates a network that is independent of data from microstock agencies. Any information and photos used voluntarily in Pixcoll microstock collection are created or added by registered contributors.

How to search for a photo in stock agencies using Pixcoll Stock Marketplace?
How to search for a photo in stock agencies using Pixcoll Stock photo marketplace? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjq-dl6heoc

Pixcoll microstock collection is free of charge. Each contributor has equal possibilities in creating links to microstock agencies. Connecting individual links gradually will prevent uploading too many microstock photos at once, therefore there will be no overload of offered microstock photos from a contributor. All contributors in Pixcoll microstock collection will be given equal opportunity to sell their microstock photos.

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In Pixcoll microstock images collection, searching for links can be done faster by using API (https://blog.pixcoll.com/user-profile-how-to-manage-my-settings/) of some microstock agencies.

Data that are gradually added by users will reduce overloading with low quality content and create appropriate offer for buyers in Pixcoll microstock images collection.