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Microstock agencies in one place – The new project will make microstock images search easier

Photographies from the world’s largest microstock agencies in one place

Finding the right photo in the photo microstock agency can take a lot of time. This is why the Pixcoll has been created to offer customers the largest microstock photo content in one place. Photographers can use Pixcoll to link directly to their portfolio in individual photos. Pixcoll successfully entered the business incubator of Hradec Králové TECHNOLOGY CENTER this year and plans to gradually expand its services.

Pixcoll is in many ways a unique project. Linking the content of the most popular and most used photo banks will create a unique place that will offer a database of photos, illustrations, videos and vector graphics along with links to individual stock where the content can be purchased. You will no longer have to browse through various websites and click through multiple bookmarks. Pixcoll is all in one place. Just how Pixcoll works, you can find out here.

pixcoll stock photo aggregator

Photographers who sell their work in microstock agencies will appreciate the opportunity to see their entire portfolio in one place. They will get an overview of where their photo is available and in what microstock photo agency. Signing in and managing the portfolio, including uploading photos, is completely free of charge. “We can now offer the opportunity to connect with the world’s largest microstock agencies such as Shuttterstock, Adobe Stock or Dreamstime and others,” adds Pixcoll founder Jiří Novotný. “People will gradually find access to over 400 million links, and this number will continue to grow. We believe that Pixcoll will address both photographers, graphics, designers and marketers. Certainly, a large offer at Pixcoll will attract many customers, thereby increasing the chances of authors to make money.

More about Pixcoll can be found on the pixcoll blog, where news about the development of the project, the world of photo – microstock and photography is posted.
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