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thank you for being interested in a photo aggregator and visiting the website pixcoll.com.

Our goal is the satisfied Pixcoll aggregat user community. We would like help you with the first steps and learn how to fully use Pixcoll.

Main features of Pixcoll aggregator:
  • Pixcoll creates a direct link between the Contributor Portfolio in the Pixcoll aggregator and its contents in individual stock photo agencies.
  • Pixcoll is trying to create the largest bidding point by merging the content of the stock photo agency into one pla thereby greatly reducing the buyer's time over lengthy searches on anothers stock photo agencies.
  • Pixcoll helps increase sales, and rating to contributors in stock photo agency.
  • Pixcoll generates an effective overview of the contributor's portfolio to individual stock photo agency.
  • Pixcoll helps contributors to effectively promote their own portfolio.
  • Pixcoll creates a well-arranged list of contributors.
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We are continually trying to improve and expand user helpdesk.

We prepared a short video tutorials of basics function. A brief manual is in english language and signed users can find it in the right corner of the website (“? Help”).
Pixcoll help
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Pixcoll registrace
How to log in to the Pixcoll
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Pixcoll nahrání souboru
How to upload the files to the Pixcoll
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Pixcoll editace souboru
How to change the file properties
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Be part of Pixcoll community.
We created the Pixcoll community on Facebook for Pixcoll users where we can discuss the themes together
Pixcoll community on Facebook
Do you need help? Contact us.

We are on email as a helpdesk for users and their questions - support@pixcoll.com .
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