Pixcoll is the best place to present your stock images to buyers

Pixcoll is the best place to present your microstock images to buyers.

How to present your own microstock images effectively and raise your sales and profit in microstock agency? Looking for the most effective way to address new buyers of your microstock images?

  • Presenting microstock images on social media has its drawbacks – your published images have very little reach to potential buyers and they’re often not shown at all.
  • Social media also make it impossible to search for published images.
  • Search engines are not able to browse and index images on social media without them being shown to buyers in search results on the internet.
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Pixcoll.com is a web app that enables you to create a permanent presentation of your microstock images for free. It creates direct link between Pixcoll and individual images in microstock agencies.

  • Viewing and searching images in Pixcoll is unlimited.
  • Buyers can search microstock images in Pixcoll according to keywords and variety of filters.
  • Internet search engines index Pixcoll and show all Pixcoll images in their search results. This increases the chances for your content to be shown in search results and viewed by potential buyers from around the world.
pixcoll affitiate marketing earn more referral money from stock agency

Contributors can also fill in referral URL in Pixcoll settings with specific microstock photo agencies and match it with all the links to microstock agencies. Pixcoll supports referral URLs with the following microstock agencies: Dreamstime, Depositphotos, Shutterstock and Pond5. Contributors can get a commission for referrals (customers or contributors) using own unique parameter (Referral ID in the link. Contributors can get a commission for buying or selling images according to specific affiliate program.

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