User manual

Pixcoll microstock collection – User manual

To upload images to Pixcoll, you must be a contributor and have uploaded and verified images on at least one of Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, 123rf, Alamy, iStock, Adobe Stock or Pond5.


Step by step tutorial – How to sign up for Pixcoll Photo stock microstock marketplace

  1. Register by clicking on the red button “Sign up for FREE”
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. A verification e-mail will be sent to you from Auth0 right after completing your registration.
  4. Create your identity and username – Fill in your First name and Surname
  5. Fill in your User profile – My Profile and User profile – My Settings

User profile – My Profile

Step by step tutorial – How to set up My Profile

This option enables you to set up your personal data, address, links to social media profiles and other settings.

  1. Fill in your Personal settings
  2. Fill in your Address details
  3. Set up your address and state visibility on your public profile
  4. Fill in your Social media profile links

User profile – My Settings

Step by step tutorial – How to manage My Settings

  1. Complete My Stocks – activate microstock agencies with approved content
  2. Fill in your Username – enter usernames that you use with individual microstock
  3. Fill in your Link to stock user profile – enter links to your individual microstock profiles

Uploading images to Pixcoll

Uploaded source images will not leave your device. A thumbnail is created in your web browser and it is then sent to our servers to be watermarked and saved.

Step by step tutorial – How to upload images to Pixcoll microstock marketplace

  1. Drag the images and drop them in the grey box
  2. Fill in Title, Description and Keywords
  3. Connect each images with at least one microstock photo agency
  4. Send images for approval
  5. Administrator images approval – Approval process takes just a few hours to be completed.

User Menu – My Profile

Manage your personal data and other settings.

  1. Open the “My Profile” in the menu
  2. Fill in your personal data, address, links to social media profiles and other settings

User Menu – My Settings

Manage your individual microstock agencies and Username.

  1. Open “My Settings” in the menu
  2. Activate stock photo agencies 
  3. Fill in Username and links to stock user profiles

User Menu – My Files

View and edit your uploaded files.

  1. Open “My Files” in the menu
  2. To edit a file, click on the Pen icon in the Action column

User Menu – Statistics

View your file stats (e.g. microstock agencies, Exclusive stock, File license, File type, File status)

  1. Open “My Statistics” in the menu