1. How to Find Pixcoll

  • Enter the phrases “PIXCOLL or PIXCOLL.COM” into the search engine
  • Click the link “Stock photo search engine | Pixcoll”

2. User Log in

  • Log in to the Pixcoll user interface using the “Log In”
  • To sign in, click the (your registration email)

3. Uploading a photo

  • Click on the profile icon and select “My profile”
  • Fill in your “User Name / User ID”
  • Save Changes – “Save Stock Settings”
  • Click the “Upload” icon
  • Drag the photos to the grey box. Only file format*.JPG

4. Filling the form and URL to the stock photos

  • Fill the form
  • Use the magnifying glass to expedite the insertion of URLs into the photo library
  • Enter the keywords to search for the photo
  • After completing the form, mark the photos to be sent and click on the “Submit”


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