1. How to Find Pixcoll

  • Enter the phrases “PIXCOLL or PIXCOLL.COM” into the search engine
  • Click the link “Stock photo search engine | Pixcoll”
  • Log in to the Pixcoll user interface using the “Log In”

2. Edit photo data

  • Click on the profile icon and select “My files”
  • Click the edit icon
  • You can edit all data
  • A detailed listing of the photo with direct links to the location of the photo in the photo gallery

3. Portfolio statistics

  • Click on the profile icon and select “My statistics”
  • The basic statistics of the portfolio are displayed

4. Stock ptotos settings when recording a photo

  • Click on the profile icon and select “My profile”
  • In “My stocks”, select the photos you want to keep in the form when uploading filesWatch other video tutorials


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