Pixcoll – Public user profile

Public user profile in Pixcoll Stock photo marketplace

Public user profile serves as a portfolio presentation tool for stock photo contributors. You can easily and comprehensively promote your stock photos through your Pixcoll profile on social media.

Public user profile is created automatically while signing up for Pixcoll.

Public user profile dashboard
Public user profile dashboard – jirinovotny84

Sharing your profile on social media

Number of profile visits can be raised by sharing your profile on social media using Share buttons Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Links to social media profiles.

User can fill in basic data and links to social media profiles in page My Profile. (tutorial – User profile – How to set up My Profile)

Personal data (name and address) can be hidden.

Links to stock agencies

It also important to fill in links to stock agencies in page My Settings. (tutorial – User profile – How to manage My Settings)

Viewing user profile in Pixcoll

When logged in, you can find the link to your user profile in the top menu.

Link to your user profile can also be found in the description of a shown file (Item).

Item – https://cz.pixcoll.com/items/1213/