Pixcoll tutorial - How to manage My Settings in Pixcoll

User profile – How to manage My Settings

My Settings is situated in the top right menu as the second item.

User profile – How to manage My Settings

STEP #1 Setting up My Stocks

In My Stocks, you can activate microstock agencies with approved content and you can easily refer to them from Pixcoll.

All stocks enabled here will appear in Upload page – https://www.pixcoll.com/new-item.

User profile in Pixcoll – How to manage My Settings

Stock photo agency must be activated and must contain two boxes – username and link to the profile. This data is publicly available and included in contributor’s microstock user profile.

STEP #2 Username

Please, enter usernames that you use with individual microstocks. This will help us find matches with your uploaded images.

Fill in your Username in Dreamstime, Depositphotos, 123RF and POND5 forms.

Fill in your User ID in Adobe stock and Shutterstock forms.

Please, enter links to your individual microstock profiles.

Links to your microstock portfolios will appear in your Pixcoll user profile.

all links to your stock photo portfolios in your pixcoll user profile